Advanced Technology & Specialty Dentistry

One of the least appreciated parts of any dental practice is the technology behind the care. While most patients never know the difference between the latest effective technology and the less innovative alternatives, our team knows how important advanced technology is when it comes to allowing our team to offer patients the most effective treatments. That’s why, at Spiro Saati, DMD, we invest in the latest technologies and spend countless hours each year in continuing education to learn the most advanced techniques.

Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue laser dentistry allows our team to perform many complex periodontal procedures with minimal bleeding, reduced healing time, and significantly more conservative care. Soft tissue lasers use pulses of high intensity light to precisely target only those gum tissues that are infected or damaged. Which means we treat patients suffering from periodontal disease or those in need of gum recontouring quickly, offering perfect and predictable results, and all with significantly less discomfort.

Digital X-Rays with GENEDX

Digital x-rays are the most important dental innovation in recent years. Traditional x-rays made it necessary for our team to capture the x-rays, develop the images with hazardous chemicals onto large sheets of film, and view the often blurry results using a special light board. Digital x-rays using the state-of-the-art GENEDX system offer our patients a number of advantages including:

Digital Impression System

Bite impressions are an important part of many dental treatments including crowns, fixed bridges, veneers, and more. However, capturing impressions can be difficult, and not as accurate as we would like. For this reason, our team invested in the True Definition Scanner. This digital impression system allows our team to quickly and comfortably capture extremely precise bite impressions. In addition to being much more comfortable for our patients, digital impressions are also better for our dental lab where custom restorations are crafted. These images are digitally transferred to the lab reducing treatment time, and the highly precise digital images that can be enhanced and explored make every custom restoration precise and beautiful.

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